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Latest News Lotus Confirm Production of the Evora 400 Following the unveiling of the new Evora 400 at the Geneva Motorshow earlier this year, Lotus have confimred that they will begin prodcution of the Evora 400 in June this year....

Want to go Racing??

When looking at what type of car or championship to contest, work out what best suits your circumstances. Are you a career driver looking to reach the highest accolades in the sport? If the answer is 'yes' then study the routes to the top taken by current Formula One drivers.

If your ambitions are somewhat less lofty you should consider the following guidelines: find out the set-up and running costs of the various championships of interest and always plump for one that's within your budget. It's also best to choose a championship with large grids and that is well supported.

Those with limited mechanical knowledge should consider 'arrive and drive' racing with an established team or championship. Race car set-up is a black art and not recommended for those without good technical acumen.

Look at the various circuits that a championship visits. If you want to keep it local, choose a series with most of its rounds in your area. For those who are more adventurous, choose a championship that includes circuits where pre-race testing is possible.

If you do decide to buy your own car, choose one that is easy to maintain and needs little in the way of set-up. When you have found a suitable car to contest your chosen championship, always take along someone knowledgeable so that they can ensure you are getting the best deal.

More information on the various championships can be found by visiting the Go Motorsport website.

Racing Requirements

Before taking to the circuit - whether it's to test or race - everyone needs a special racing licence. In the UK, the Motorsports Association (MSA) governs all car circuit racing and it issues and administers the various licences that are available.

Beginners need to apply for a National B Competition Licence. The first step towards acquiring this is to purchase a 'Go Racing Pack' from the MSA - the cost is around £60. To do this, visit the MSA's website or call the MSA on 01753 765000. This special pack includes the essential Novice Race Licence Application Form, the MSA Blue Book which details all the safety rules and regulations that need to followed when racing plus a DVD highlighting all the various dos and don'ts.

As with a road licence there is a need to pass a driven and written assessment. These assessments are carried out by approved ARDS Schools (Association of Racing Drivers Schools) such as the Silverstone Motorsport Academy. We run a half day or full day option depending on your experience.Click here for more information.

Once the ARDS School has stamped and signed a Novice Race Licence Application Form, applicants must send the completed document back to the MSA for processing.

Those aged over 18 years of age must pass a basic medical examination. This normally costs around £100 and can be carried out by your local doctor. Don't forget to take the Novice Race Licence Application form with you so that the doctor can stamp and sign it.

Non UK residents should note that the MSA is only able to issue UK Race Licences to those actually residing in the UK and able to provide proof of address.

Those residing in the UK but not holding a British Passport will need to seek the appropriate permissions from their home motorsport governing body. An official letter stating an applicant has never previously held a race licence and giving them permission to race will normally suffice. Overseas nationals requiring information on their national motorsport governing body can find details of their affiliated clubs via the FIA website.