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Latest News Lotus Confirm Production of the Evora 400 Following the unveiling of the new Evora 400 at the Geneva Motorshow earlier this year, Lotus have confimred that they will begin prodcution of the Evora 400 in June this year....

2Bular Performance Exhausts

Noise is a big issue now, keen track day enthusiasts will know this more than most.

2bular has been at the forefront of noise-controlled exhaust systems for some years now, especially on the Hi-Power 2ZZ SC installs.

Most of us can agree on what a thrilling exhaust note sounds like, unfortunately that sound won't get you onto a UK Track Day!!

Lotus Silverstone can supply and fit one of these superb stainless steel / titanium performance exhausts to your Lotus Elise or Lotus Exige before you hit the paddock at one of your favourite tracks. (Fitting POA).

Listed below are the options for the SC installs only. Remember the more power, the more noise!!


4-1 Header / Manifold = £640.00 + Vat

Flexi De-Cat Pipe = £98.00 + Vat

130mm Diameter 200Cell Sports Cat = £399.00 + Vat


8" x 22" Oval Thru-Diffuser - The Most Popular 2bular fitment in the UK/EU and Switzerland. Great sports car note, quiet on cruise. Straight swap with STD exhaust, no cutting/trimming = £425.00 + Vat

2bular H2 Oval Thru-Diffuser - Uses small Helmholtz chambers inside the silencer body to allow some degree of noise cancellation in addition to the usual absorption effect through the perforated core pipe = £493.00.

For higher powered installs using a De-Cat pipe, the H2 Systems with 2 Chambers is recommended. H2 Thru-Diffuser will help meet any track day limit including Laguna Seca.

There is no power loss with these incredibly quiet systems.

For more information please contact the Lotus Silverstone Team......