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Latest News Lotus Confirm Production of the Evora 400 Following the unveiling of the new Evora 400 at the Geneva Motorshow earlier this year, Lotus have confimred that they will begin prodcution of the Evora 400 in June this year....
Lotus Evora IPS
The New Lotus Evora IPS Now Available for Demonstrations at Lotus Silverstone...
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Lotus Evora IPS

Being naturally gifted for sporty handling, the Lotus Evora now offers the option to carry an automated gearbox that would suit the most exigent driver.

The New Lotus Intelligent Precision Shift (Lotus IPS) is a torque converter 6-speed gearbox that will adapt to your driving style.

Once you turn on the engine, the gearbox is in standard mode. It will automatically react to your needs by downshifting and when in a sporty situation, revving higher. It can also be very smooth, comfortable and fuel efficient by shifting gear in lower revs if your driving style is more relaxed.However, the driver has full control of the gearbox at anytime via the paddles behind the steering wheel. To change gear, the driver uses the *-* paddle to downshift and the *+* paddle to up shift.

As standard the Lotus IPS offers a sport button which is part of the sport pack on the Evora Manual. However, with IPS gearbox, the Sport button is on the centre console, on the same panel as the gearbox.

The sport function has an impact on the shifting mapping as well as the shifting times. It will also sharpen the throttle response and the put the Lotus DPM (Lotus Dynamic Performance Management) in sport mode.Once pressed, the gears will change at higher revs, still according to your way of driving. This means you will not hit the rev limiter every time the gearbox shifts but that the gearbox will find the best revs to switch your gear in a sporty driving condition.

In the sport mode, you can switch to manual override whenever you want as per standard mode. However, the gearbox will not come back into automatic after leaving the gearbox alone for a few seconds. The will stay in manual mode. You can still come back to drive mode by pressing 'D' on the centre console.

Please note that due to gearbox limitation, the max rev limit on Evora fitted with Lotus IPS is 6500rpm. The additional rev limit usually available by pressing the sport button is therefore cancelled in order to preserve the car.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration in our Lotus Evora IPS please contact a member of the Lotus Silverstone team....